Thursday , 29 February 2024


There are a number of baby items that you can make using crocheting. These include blankets, hoods, booties, gloves and mittens. With some experience with crocheting, you can come up with these within a few days or more. Most crotchetier are used to the basic stitches and advancing to other complex stitches can be taxing but with a little interest and time, you can become better at crocheting different stitches. Here are a few stitches to start trying out with your baby’s items.

Tunisian Simple Stitch

The Tunisian simple stitch is not as simple as it sounds, though it is very doable for beginners. It produces a very nice basket weave pattern. With this stitch you can make your baby a blanket or even a hat.

Amigurumi Patterns

The Amigurumi pattern is very popular among children’s items. You can also adapt this for use as your baby crochet patterns. It produces very nice inanimate creatures such as toys and dolls. By learning the Amigurumi pattern you can make your baby many play items that will be easy to wash as well as safe for his/her use.

Sunflower Crochet Pattern

The sunflower crochet pattern, as well as many other flower patterns, is very ideal for baby crochet patterns. There are many different ways of making this pattern. You can first make a doily for the flower’s centre then make the leaves all around the doily using a different stitching method. The overall work can be used to decorate items such as baby’s booties, hats and blankets.

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