Thursday , 29 February 2024
All you need to know about crochet star

All you need to know about crochet star pattern

Crochet star are a fine decorative item to showcase. They look nice upon hanged over a room or on the wall. These tiny attractive piece of artistically woven crochet craft makes a worthy item to have around.

Crochet stars have been in the trends for far long. These can be made easily and requires no fuss in weaving them. A pretty quick turnaround making time than the other crochet crafts puts the favor in its hat.

Crochet stars have plethora of crochet star pattern to choose from. We’d list out few of them here.

  • Crochet star pattern ornament
  • This pattern gives you a lovely little star to pair up as an ornament. This pattern is pretty easy to make. It’s one of the most common patterns of crochet stars.
  • Christmas crochet star pattern
  • You are fond of layering your Christmas tree with all kinds of décor, aren’t you? These crochet star works fine as a Christmas tree décor. Use the yarn with the kind of color you prefer for a Christmas tree décor.
  • Crochet star garland
  • How about a whole long garland of crochet stars? That’d be quite a sight. This patterns uses many crochet stars together in a chain like form. This pattern makes fine for a front-door décor or wall hangings.
  • Crochet snowflake star pattern
  • This pattern uses both the mould of crochet stars and crochet snowflakes to provide with a fine piece of woven craft. Try it with different blends of fabric or yarn and you can have a pretty sparkling kind of crochet star on your hands.

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