Tuesday , September 22 2020

[Update: It’s back] The cloud gaming service Shadow has been removed from the app store for policy violations

Update 5/11: After over 2 months, the Shadow app back in the App Store. The update removes the ‘Quick Start’ function and now follows Apple’s guidelines.

Shadow, one of several cloud gaming services that have become increasingly popular recently, has removed its iOS app from the App Store today. The company announced the announcement on RedditApple removed the app due to a violation of the App Store guidelines.

Shadow is a stranger service In this way, you can ‘stream a fully functional gaming PC to all your devices’, including support for Mac, PC, smartphones, Apple TV and other set-top boxes. In many ways, it is similar to services like Microsoft Project and xCloud Google Stadia.

On Reddit this afternoon, however, Shadow announced that Apple had downloaded the Shadow app from the App Store for iPhone and iPad. Details here are unclear, but Shadow says the removal ‘is due to the fact that it does not act according to a specific part of the Apple App Store guidelines.’

The Shadow app for Apple TV is currently not affected by this removal, but it is possible that it will change at any time. In the post, Shadow explained:

Our mobile apps for iPhone / iPad are removed due to non-compliance with a certain part of the Apple App Store guidelines. We are currently investigating the situation and will work on a plan to bring Shadow back to all of your mobile users as soon as possible!

Shadow says it is working with Apple to get the app back on the iPhone and iPad, but there is currently no schedule for it. In the past, Apple has taken action against game streaming applications such as Steam Link for violating the app store ‘store-in-store’ policy for digital in-app purchases.

Shadow should be able to bring and restore its app in accordance with Apple guidelines. However, this may not be an easy or quick task. Are you a shadow user on iPhone or iPad? What do you think of Apple’s removal of the app? Let us know in the comments!

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