Sunday , August 9 2020

The Instagram iOS update allows you to delete bulk comments and control who can mention or tag you

Instagram is introducing some changes today to make the platform more positive for users. The two features that are now being introduced include the ability to control who can tag or mention you in comments, subtitles, or stories, and the ability to delete comments in bulk.

Instagram noted in a blog entry today updates that the latest changes are part of his ‘fight against online bullying’ effort and are associated with the parent company, the Facebook release May Community Standards Enforcement Report.

Today we’re releasing the fifth edition of our Community Standards Enforcement Report, which tracks our progress in Facebook and Instagram security. In addition to this report, we are announcing new features that mark the continuation of our efforts to lead the industry in the fight against online bullying.

Delete comments in bulk

After Instagram tested the ability to delete comments in bulk to reduce negative interactions and bullying, it first started the function for all users. Here’s how it works:

To enable this feature on iOS, tap a comment and then tap the dotted icon in the upper right corner. Select Manage Comments and select up to 25 comments to delete at the same time. Tap More Options to block or restrict accounts in bulk. To block or restrict accounts on Android, press and hold a comment, tap the dotted icon, and select Block or Restrict.

Control who can tag and mention you

Another anti-bullying feature available today is the option for users to control who can mention or tag them. Now you can choose between ‘Everyone’, ‘Only people you follow’ and ‘Nobody’ to decide what is right for you.

We have seen that tags and mentions can be used to target or bully others. That’s why we’re introducing new controls that let you manage who can tag or mention you on Instagram. You can choose whether everyone, only people you follow, or no one should mark or mention you in a comment, caption, or story.

Upcoming function …

In another attempt to promote positive experiences on Instagram, a feature with pinned comments will be available as a test first and will eventually be available to all users.

We will begin testing pinned comments shortly. This feature allows users to set the tone for their account and connect with their community by pinning a selected number of comments at the top of their comment thread.

Instagram is a free download from the app store.

Read more about the progress of Facebook and Instagram towards a more positive culture in the May Community Standards Enforcement Report and here is a snippet of what Instagram saw in the fourth quarter of 2019 and the first quarter of 2020.

On Instagram we have improved our text and image adjustment technology to find more suicide and self-harm content. As a result, we’ve increased the amount of content we take action by 40% and increased our proactive detection rate by more than 12 points since the last report. We have also made progress in fighting online bullying by introducing several new ones properties We have announced to help people manage their experience and limit unwanted interactions new Instagram controlstoday. For the first time, this report publishes enforcement data for bullying on Instagram, including action on 1.5 million content in both the fourth quarter of 2019 and the first quarter of 2020.

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