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Teardown describes the iPhone SE as a mixture of previous components

As it has become a normal custom, iFixit made a visual outline the latest Apple hardware. In this case, it is the iPhone SE, Apple’s cheaper mobile phone, that seems to put the latest generation A13 processor in the case of the iPhone 8 2017.

This relationship was the focus of the demolition. iFixit tried to confirm whether it really was the iPhone 8 with just a few changes and even opened the two devices side by side. The answer mostly seems to be “yes”. During the first inspection of the SE by X-ray, iFixit found that it is almost identical inside the iPhone 8, “apart from some very subtle antenna revisions and the moving of some chips on the motherboard”.

The two phones are so similar that many components, such as the main speaker or the Taptic Engine, are interchangeable. The iPhone SE also has exactly the same battery size as the 8 at 6.9 Wh, but the battery connection is different, so the batteries are unfortunately not interchangeable.

Other discoveries include the omission of 3D touch-related components and the fact that the design of the camera appears closer to the iPhone 8 than the iPhone XR or 11. In fact, iFixit confirmed that the iPhone 8’s camera works in iPhone SE, as does the display.

In the end, iFixit says that Apple “frankensteined this phone along with parts from previous models,” which may be a boon to repairability due to the increased availability of parts.

The iPhone SE received 6 out of 10 points for repairability. Regarding advantages and disadvantages, iFixit writes that the display and the battery are relatively easy to access, but the glass back of the phone is “impractical” to replace. For more information on chips on the board and the like, see the full outline.

Listing image from i fasten it

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