Sunday , August 9 2020

T-Mobile will delete the Sprint brand this summer after the merger

After T-Mobile and Sprint have officially completed their merger, all the work for the two major airlines begins to get completely married. And one of the first items on the list will get rid of the Sprint brand.

The new T-Mobile has some bold ideas for what it wants to achieve in the coming years – like skipping Verizon and AT&T – but first it has to create its new identity, which means erasing the Sprint brand.

Reported by FierceWireless (about The edge), Mike Sievert, newly appointed CEO, noted at an investor event that Sprint’s removal from marketing efforts and retail stores would be somewhat delayed and would now take place in ‘midsummer’ due to the pandemic.

On the consumer side, ‘we always planned a summer time frame,’ said Sievert. “With COVID-19, we moved it to midsummer instead of early summer. In this case, we will essentially advertise a flagship postpaid brand from T-Mobile and operate a uniform retail fleet. The retail item is the reason why we have slowed down a bit. ‘

Sievert said Sprint customers will be able to stick to their existing plans for now, but that could change at some point, of course.

Noted by The edgeThere have already been some growing issues as Sprint customers no longer work with 5G-enabled phones as network operators merge their networks. Removing sprint branding is just the first step in a long journey. The airlines expect the full transition to take about three years.

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