Tuesday , September 22 2020

Slack for iOS gets a complete redesign with the bottom bar interface, including tabs for DMs, mentions, and more

Back in March, Slack released a major update to its desktop experience and now Slack for iOS is getting its own major update that features a brand new user interface. The redesign offers navigation in the bottom bar with tabs for easy access to some of the most used parts of the app, the new button for shortcuts and much more. Follow us for a closer look at all changes …

The redesigned app for the iPhone landed on the App store today. The biggest change is the change from Slack’s menus on iOS, which are hidden behind the three-line icon, to a navigation theme in the bottom bar that contains ‘Home’, ‘DMs’, ‘Mentions’ and ‘You’. This makes it easier and faster to navigate Slack on your iPhone.

Other changes include a new create button in the lower right corner of the app that makes it easier to start a new DM or channel message, quick access to shortcuts using the lightning icon (like Slack on the desktop), and swiping left To your last call (if you swipe right, all workspaces and settings will still be displayed).

Full Slack 20.05.10 release notes:

TL; DR: We have redesigned the app’s layout. For more information on the improvements, visit our blog at SlackHQ.com or our help. Here, however, we stick to what’s new and what’s been fixed.

What’s new

  • What’s new? Most things. We changed almost everything. So many things! A lot of change.


  • So far, it has been difficult to get to the four most important tasks on your cell phone. We fixed this with a new nifty navigation bar at the bottom of the app that includes: a home screen for your sidebar, DMs (still listed last last), mentions (to catch up quickly), and you (because you & # 39; re great) (and also because setting your status / settings on the cell phone had to be easier).
  • The quick toggle switch in the desktop app is wonderful, but we’ve discovered an issue where users don’t use it as often on mobile devices. That’s why we’ve made the Jump To Box more popular (and smarter) to fix this. Fingers crossed!
  • It seemed bizarrely difficult to create a new message on a channel or DM without first finding the exact location. This was fixed with an application of logic, software engineering and a new ‘Compose’ button in the lower right corner.
  • We apologize to people who just set reminders, start workflows, or want to access favorite apps in channels and conversations – it was difficult to figure out how to do it on the go. A new flash under the message box now enables quick access to shortcuts and thus solves this age-old problem.
  • And finally it turned out over time that in the old version of the app a lot of wiping back and forth to get places. We’ve simplified the following: swiping right will show your workspace and preferences, and swiping left will return you to the last conversation you attended. With this change in behavior we want to give you the powers of omniscience and time travel. nbd.
  • And yes. We know. Change is difficult! All of our fingers have built muscle memory, but after adding features and functionality over the years, we had to step back and make sure things made sense. For more information on these improvements, see our blog post. As always, we look forward to your feedback. Thank you for reading at the bottom. We appreciate that and you.

Slack for iOS is a free download from the app store. The same redesign appeared in a beta for Android last week, so that should follow soon.

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