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Review summary: Sonos Arc is a marvel of audio technology and the best, most versatile wireless soundbar

Sonos launched its brand new soundbar last month. Reviews begin before the first customers who will receive the next generation Sonos speaker next week. So far it looks like this Sonos Arc lives up to its appointment as the company’s top speaker and may be one of the best wireless sound bars on the market … with a notable limitation.

Key Sonos Arc new features include Dolby Atmos support and a brand new interior and exterior design that uses 11 premium drivers for multi-directional sound. There are other features like AirPlay 2 and Google Assistant / Amazon Alexa voice support that you can expect from them $ 799 price point.

In its review The edge achieved an 8/10 with positive results such as ‘excellent, powerful, immersive sound’ and eARC support, which makes it future-proof. The biggest downside, however, was that there is no HDMI pass-through, which means you need one relatively new television to connect it with the single HDM ARC connector. An adapter for HDMI to optical audio is included, but in particular you will lose Dolby Atmos support with this configuration.

And the Arc was more than impressed – together with the Sub, the Arc delivered a sound that was as impressive as the Atmos system with multiple speakers. If you didn’t know that the arc bounces off the ceiling and back wall, you’d easily think there were speakers there. Compared to the conventional Atmos system, the Arc sounded different – it is definitely tuned for very loud dialogues and still has a sound bar so the entire left / right sound stage is not that wide – but it did provide a surround effect that was so simple convincing.

TechCrunch said that ‘Sonos has created a miracle of audio technology with its latest home theater speaker.’ The rating was less disappointed with the only HDMI ARC connector for audio and praised the sound separation and virtual immersion of the sound in the premium sound bar.

I briefly mentioned this above, but it’s amazing what the Sonos Arc can do in terms of sound separation and virtual immersion with just a single speaker. It is certainly the best sound reproduction that I have experienced with a Sonos soundbar and probably the best audio quality with a soundbar that I have heard.

In conclusion, TC said, ‘If you want the best, most versatile, and best designed wireless soundbar on the market, the Sonos Arc is the speaker for you.’

Engadget noted that the difference between the Sonos Arc and its Playbar predecessor was very obvious.

I’ve been using the Playbar + Sub combination for several years. I could immediately see how the audio quality improved from the old soundbar to the arc.

Finally, Engadget called it a ‘really outstanding product’, but repeated the disappointing HDMI situation.

There’s a lot to love, but at least one more HDMI port would have made this product a truly outstanding product. Instead, you need to do some research to make sure you can get the most out of the Arc.

The Sonos Arc is Available now for $ 799 in black or white and is currently shipping in a few weeks.

Two other products that the company updated along with the launch of the Arc are the Sonos Five and the 3rd generation Sonos Sub. You can find more information about these products in our introduction.

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