Wednesday , July 8 2020

Rare photos show Larry Page and Steve Jobs on Google in 2007

Before launching Android and the T-Mobile G1, Steve Jobs had a close relationship with Google co-founders Larry Page and Sergey Brin. Today, rare pictures of Jobs, Page and the then Google CEO Eric Schmidt appeared in the Googleplex.

Jason Shellen this morning tweeted two pictures of interaction. He worked on Blogger at Google in the early 2000s before becoming ‘Founding product manager”For Google Reader. The photos were hidden taken on a Palm Treo 680.

These pictures are from August 2007 and show Steve Jobs in his legendary black turtleneck with Larry Page in one of the Google cafes. The then Apple CEO is shown with a bowl in hand how to put together a lunch salad, with Page doing the same next to him.

The second picture shows the two together with Schmidt how they sit down and talk. Jobs talks with his hands while the then CEO of Google listens thoughtfully. The back of the page is unfortunately in the camera.

When Google’s first investors asked Page and Brin to hire a more experienced CEO in the early 2000s, the co-founders initially only had jobs in mind. That was obviously implausible and they finally decided on Schmidt. Page and Brin looked up for jobs early and got advice.

In terms of timing, this photo can be seen after the first generation iPhone was sold in June 2007. Schmidt was on stage in January this year when Apple’s first smartphone, which spoke via Google Maps and YouTube, was presented. The relationship became notoriously bad after the launch of Android and the T-Mobile G1 over a year later.

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