Tuesday , September 22 2020

PSA: iCloud and other Apple services experience downtime

To update: According to Apple, the problem is now fixed and users should be able to access iCloud again.

iCloud doesn’t seem to be available to some users tonight, at least that’s what people are reporting Twitter and Apple support community. Apple has also confirmed the failure, but there is no schedule for a fix.

According to users, iCloud fails to sync data or doesn’t work at all. Our tests have shown that there is a problem not only with iCloud, but also with other Apple services – including signing in to Apple, iCloud Mail, App Store and Apple Pay.

We checked the official Apple System Status website The company has confirmed all of these issues with iCloud accounts, iCloud Mail, and iCloud Web Apps.

iCloud account & login – problem

There is currently no workaround for this issue. So if you’re affected, you’ll likely have to wait for Apple to fix the problem. We’ll update this post once Apple fixes the outages.

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