Sunday , August 9 2020

Office for iPad Split View goes live as we are waiting for the full support of the trackpad

Office for iPad Split View has finally arrived at WWDC 2019 almost a year after its first demonstration. You can now open two different Word or PowerPoint documents side by side in the app. Unfortunately, the functionality does not extend to Excel.

Previously, users had to rely on cumbersome workarounds, such as: B. opening one of the documents on pages or in a web view.

reader Nelson EHus made us aware of this.

Microsoft Office has just updated Word, Excel and PowerPoint for iPad. Now Word, like the demo in WWDC 2019, can open two windows at the same time. However, these apps do not yet support these apps.

We learned this weekend that Microsoft plans to offer full trackpad support by fall.

Microsoft does not appear to have any immediate plans to provide iPadOS cursor support for its Office application suite. TechCrunch reports that Microsoft’s implementation ‘is expected to ship to Office for iPad in the fall’. In his own report, The Verge adds that ‘Microsoft plans to include cursor support by fall.’

This seems to indicate that Microsoft is working on the feature to be released before this fall. This timeline leaves a lot of leeway; Perhaps the feature will be introduced tomorrow, or not until September.

Microsoft began beta testing the ‘Split View’ feature for Office for iPad at the end of last month. The speed at which the feature went live indicates that it was both popular and hassle-free.

We then explained how to use it.

  • Touch, hold and drag a file from the New, released and opened File list in the app to the iPad screen edge to open them side by side.
  • In Word or PowerPoint, swipe up from the bottom of the screen and open the Dock. Then touch and hold the icon of the same app and drag it from the Dock to the left or right edge of the screen. Then tap the document to open it.
  • Access in Word or PowerPoint New, released and opened Views in the app home screen, tap ‘”For a file in the list and then tap Open in a new window.

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