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iPhone: How to delete Instagram comments in bulk

Instagram has made some updates to make it easier to make the social media platform positive for everyone. One of the new features to reduce bullying is the ability to delete Instagram comments in bulk in the iOS app. Read on how to use the function …

Instagram has continued its efforts to combat online bullying, and one of the latest examples is the quick deletion of up to 25 comments at a time.

If you regularly have problems with negative or offensive comments, you can also go to Instagram Settings> Privacy> Comments> and adjust the details ‘Allow comments from’ and / or ‘Block comments from’. In any case, the ability to delete comments in bulk is welcomed by many users.

Instagram also gives users the ability to control who can include you in a mention or a day. You can find these settings if they are available in the same section ‘Settings’> ‘Privacy’ in Instagram for iPhone.

iPhone: How to delete Instagram comments in bulk

  1. Go to your post where you want to delete multiple comments
  2. Tap one of the comments
  3. Touch the Three-point symbol in the upper right corner
  4. Tap Manage comments
  5. Select up to 25 comments you want to delete by tapping on them
  6. Choose Clear Confirm by tapping in the lower left corner Delete comments

Here are the steps:

If you don’t see the option yet, you can make sure you run most Instagram iOS last published on the App Store Note, however, that the feature may be a server-side change.

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