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iPhone: How to block Instagram tags and mentions in comments, captions and stories

Instagram has introduced more detailed controls to reduce negative interactions and improve the user experience for everyone on the platform. Read how to block Instagram mentions and tags in comments, captions, and stories.

Instagram is in line with its ongoing efforts to combat online bullying. The latest examples include the ability to delete comments in bulk and control who can tag and mention you in comments, stories, and subtitles.

The new features are now being introduced (if you don’t feel like you’re updating Instagram). You can find the new settings (if available) in the Settings> Privacy section of Instagram for iPhone.

iPhone: How to block Instagram mentions and tags

  1. Open Instagram and go to your profile (lower right corner of the app)
  2. Touch the three-line symbol, then choose the settings
  3. Now tap privacy
  4. Above you can choose between comments, tags, mentions and stories
  5. Choose whether to allow replies, tags, mentions, or story replies from Everyone, People You Follow, or Nobody.
  6. The privacy settings for tags, stories and comments offer even more controls like manual approval and more

Here’s what these steps look like on iPhone:

After you choose which settings you want to adjust, choose who you want to highlight or mention.

You can approve them manually in the Tags area and block individual users in the comment settings.

How to block Instagram mentions, tags, and comments on iPhone Walkthrough 2

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