Wednesday , July 8 2020

Hyper launches the Duo 7-in-2 USB-C hub with 100 W PD, 4K 60 Hz output and secure connection

Hyper is today with an update for one of its most popular I / O products, the HyperDrive Duo 7-in-2 USB-C hub. The new hub has a 4K HDMI video output at 60 Hz, a removable handle for MacBook sleeves and a more secure connection to your MacBook, 2 USB-C ports with up to 100 W charging and 40 Gbit / s data transfer, one microSD card reader and much more.

Hyper has improved the world’s first USB-C hub, which it launched in 2016 for MacBook Pro (now also iPad Pro) Number of upgrades.

It has a new design that provides a more secure connection to your MacBook and a removable magnetic handle that makes it easy to use when you have a case on your MacBook Pro or MacBook Air.

Further improvements include a video output of 4K at 60 Hz via the HDMI connection as well as a carrying case and an extension cord made of vegan leather.

The Duo 7-in-2 USB-C hub has 2x USB-C ports with data transmission of up to 100 W and 40 Gbit / s (60 W and 5 Gbit / s on the second USB-C port), 2x USB-A ports and a microSD card reader ( UHS-1).

HyperDrive Duo 7-in-2 USB-C hub functions:

  • Now supports 4K60Hz HDMI video output (previously 4K30Hz)
  • New handle for firmly attaching the hub to the MacBook Pro / Air
  • The magnetic handle can be easily removed to extend two USB-C ports for the MacBook Pro / Air with protective sleeves
  • Extension cord to make the hub work with any USB-C device, not just the MacBook.
  • Free vegan leather case for USB-C hub, handle and extension cord
  • Converts 2 x USB-C on the MacBook Pro / Air into 7 ports (HDMI 4K60Hz, USB-C 40 Gbit / s 100 W power supply, USB-C 5 Gbit / s 60 W power supply, 2 x USB-A 5 Gbit / s , MicroSD / SD 3.0 UHS-I 104 MB / s)

Hyper’s new hub works with all Apple MacBooks and even the iPad Pro thanks to the included extension cord, so devices with a USB-C port (in addition to devices with two) can be used.

The HyperDrive Duo 7-in-2 USB-C hub is Available now in space gray or silver for $ 99.99 USD.

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