Tuesday , 5 December 2023


afghan knitting patterns- favourite picks of the people

Free knitting pattern for Garden Inspired Sampler Afghan with

There are loads of Afghan Knitting Patterns for the people who are fussy about afghan knitting. There are throws and lapghans available for the young girls. All these afghan knitting are made with soft yarn. If you want gorgeous afghan knitted blankets you can get it from the shops. This is festive season and you are also in a mood …

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Knit hat the best suited for extreme cold weather

knit hat create some charm hat ENANAAU

It is a cold day. The people are walking here and there. Almost everyone completely covered their body with warm clothes. He is the only person who was not wearing those warm clothes in an extremely cold weather. Seeing this, an old granny from the nearby house came out and gave him a hat. In few seconds, the person’s eyes …

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Find various Knitting loom patterns

13 Loom Knitting Projects for Beginners - Hobbycraft Blog

Have you discover the loom knitting? If not, do it now. You can make so many items with the loom knitting. Even it is so easy for the children too. With loom knitting, you can knit hat, sock, scarf, bed sheet, pillow cover, sweater, and many other things. The loom knitting project is not as intimidating as it might seem …

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Guide to dressing your doll in crochet doll clothes

crochet doll clothes heart t and skirt doll crochet pattern BDAURLW

Girls will tell you that the attraction to playing with a doll lies in the accessories and clothes you dress it. Also, dressing up a doll is appealing to girls because of their maternal instincts. So if you want to make your baby girl happy, buy her clothes, so she dresses the dolls. This guide gives you a few tips …

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Favourite cable knit cardigan

Fashare Womens Open Front Chunky Cable Knit Cardigan Sweaters Coat

There is a broad range of cable knit cardigan evolving in different styles of chunky cardigans in a rainbow of colours for all season and made from natural fibres. The silk and cotton cable knit cardigan is ideal for warmer weather. The cable knit cardigan has to be always thin and lightweight for comfortability. When choosing the best-knit cardigan, you …

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Give your baby the best knitted baby blankets in the market

knitted baby blankets modern knitted baby blanket JWSPXWG

To a person the most important factor in life would most probably be his or her child. So everyone would take special care to give their child the best items. From blankets to shoes, everything should be given special care. Babies have extremely tender skin that can easily get damaged. This can only be prevented by purchasing things that are …

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What you need to know about Knitted dolls

Adorable knitted dolls: 10 free patterns

Dolls meant to be the statue of beauty and carefree lifestyle. Dolls hold their effect on the little young girls. Dolls help young minds to create their cognitive and self-help skills. Dolls made with hands are craftier than machine-made. Knitted dolls captured the heart with their charming beauty. From year dolls have been evolving from wooden dolls to today’s dolls …

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Fair isle knitting technique for the experts

fair isle knitting ravelry: fidlstixu0027s baa-ble hat HNPIYOF

Fair Isle is located in the far northern part of Scotland and lies half way between the Orkney Isles and the Shetland Isles. Fair Isle is a small island which has a very few resources and raw materials. Hence many people in the island, mostly women earn their living through knitting. The Fair Isle knitting technique got its name from …

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The Winter Hot Vintage Knitting Patterns

free vintage knitting pattern 40s forties 1940s #knittingpattern

Once again, the faded vintage knitting style is back. The style is highly in vogue in 1950, now the girls and boys of the 21st century is acceding this design with open handed. With some designer variations, this style really looks fab. The designers are seeking ways to put a modern effect on an old pattern, keeping in mind the original …

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