Tuesday , September 22 2020

Boarded Apple Stores are becoming unofficial canvases for peaceful protest

The activism triggered by George Floyd’s death in Minneapolis has spread to all 50 states. Apple stores got going, looted, and devastated when some protests turned into violence. Now some peaceful demonstrators are imagining the boarded-up windows of the Apple Stores as screens for a positive message.

Between the evenings of May 27 and June 1, more than a dozen Apple stores in the United States were looted or severely damaged when violent opportunists co-opted protests against Black Lives Matter. Looters even destroyed the Apple Carnegie Library on Mount Vernon Square, D.C.’s first public building. a variety of artists in the black community to this day at Apple sessions.

For the safety of employees and customers, Apple closed the majority of its reopened US stores and boarded up Dozens of places to protect against further damage. Apple’s glass fronts are symbols in the main streets of cities across the country, and their tightly closed look caught the attention of social media. Although this was trivial against the background of injustice, dark shop fronts once emphasized the need for change.

In recent days, artist communities have taken over Apple Stores to promote peace through violence. In Portland, artist Emma Berger painted a mural by George Floyd and the words ‘I can’t breathe’ on the wall around Apple Pioneer Place badly damaged after looters descended downtown. Berger said in an interview KPTV that she adds faces from other victims to the memorial to commemorate ongoing racist violence.

In Naperville, Illinois, peaceful protesters have covered the facade of Apple Main Place with heart-shaped notes, each containing a positive message about the Black Lives Matter movement. The shop was targeted by looters who tried to break in during a violent night in Naperville. Hearts that were first glued to the plywood by teenagers tore off of viewers who trigger a community that pours out support. Shops with shutters in the city center were full of hearts last day.

Artists showing solidarity on the west coast have painted a mural of Black Lives Matter on the front of Apple Palo Alto overlooking University Avenue. Others have added flowers to the spontaneous monument.

Apple has not publicly commented on the looting and vandalism apart from closing stores, but Deirdre O’Brien, SVP of Retail + People, expanded their support to the Black Community and Black colleagues at Apple. In a memo to employees, Tim Cook promised that Apple would make donations to groups such as the Equal Justice Initiative and that the donations from employees would be grouped together.

Update 6/4: Tim Cook has an open letter entitled ‘Talk about racism. Another mural appeared in Boston:

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