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Apple TV + Guide: Here you will find all Apple TV shows and films that are available now

Apple TV + offers exclusive Apple Original TV shows and films in 4K HDR quality. You can see on all of your screens where you left off on each device. Apple TV + costs $ 4.99 a month. Here you will find all original Apple TV shows and films that are now available on Apple TV +, as well as the latest trailers …

Apple TV + content is only available through the Apple TV app. You can watch your Apple TV set-top box, iPhone or iPad as expected.

The TV app is also available on other platforms Amazon Fire TV, Rokuand even the web at This post will tell you more about where to watch Apple TV.

Apple TV + offers original comedies, dramas, thrillers, documentaries and children’s shows. Unlike most other streaming services, Apple TV + does not include a back catalog.

For your $ 4.99 / month subscription, you can view all Apple originals as listed below. You can download to watch offline too. Apple adds new content every month.

How to watch the free Apple TV + shows

The TV app is the exclusive target for Apple TV +, but the TV app is confusing because it links together TV shows and movies that you can buy or rent from the iTunes Store, and content from other apps like Amazon Prime and BBC integrate iPlayer and Apple TV channels.

The Watch Now screen doesn’t really differentiate between what you own and can see and only Apple’s general recommendations. Hopefully the user interface of the TV app will soon be revised with better functions and easier navigation.

Currently, the easiest way to get started with Apple TV + is to open the TV app, go to the Watch Now tab, and scroll down until you find the circular Apple TV + channel icon. You may have to scroll down a lot and the position of this icon on the page changes regularly.

However, once you find it, tap on it and you’ll be taken to the Apple TV + channel page. Here you can see all the Apple TV + shows and films that you can watch, divided into categories such as comedy, drama or family fun.

Note that is very reduced compared to the native TV app on devices and only shows original Apple content. Both the website and the Mac TV app lack important features such as skipping intro or automatic suggestions for the next episode when you end an episode.

Which Apple TV + shows have been extended for season two?

The first Apple TV + shows were released on November 1st. As Apple tries to quickly expand its content library, many of these shows have been extended for season two before they even premiered.

So far, Apple has officially renewed Central Park, Dickinson, for everyone, Home Before Dark, Little America, Mythic Quest, See, Servant, The Morning Show, Truth Be Told and Trying.

It is less certain when we can see the new episodes. The corona virus pandemic has disrupted TV production worldwide and all projects are currently unable to film. To give a few concrete examples: The Morning Show was 60% finished filming season 2 when they had to stop production, Servant was filming episode 4 of 10 of its second season, and For All Mankind was still shooting for about a month. (Dickinson finished filming season 2 last year and is currently in post-production.)

It is believed that these shows originally intended to release their second season about a year after the first season in the October / November / December timeframe. This release date now seems less likely given the delays. It is possible for Apple to split the seasons. Release of the second season of its flagships in half to release at least some episodes this year.

Apple TV + Program Guide (updated June 5, 2020):

Watch trailer • Released June 5 • 1 season, 10 episodes • TV-14

A documentary inspired by Apple’s Dear advertising campaign. The series finds people who have written letters to their heroes, expands their stories and shows how everyone can be inspired. Famous faces include Lin-Manuel Miranda, Stevie Wonder, Oprah Winfrey and Spike Lee.

Watch trailer • Released May 29 • 1 season, 13 episodes • TV-14

Central Park is an animated series by the creator of Bob & # 39; s Burgers. With a cast that includes Josh Gad, Kristen Bell and Tituss Burgess, the story revolves around a family of caretakers who are trying to save the city’s green spaces from turning into a mall. The show is an animated musical comedy with 3-4 original songs per episode.

Watch trailer • Released May 1 • 1 season, 8 episodes • TV-14

A fun British comedy that revolves around a couple unable to introduce themselves and follow the path of adoption. ‘Trying’ stars Rafe Spall and Esther Smith.

Watch trailer • • Read the related book • Released April 24 • 1 season, 8 episodes • TV-14

Jacob’s defense tells the story of a lawyer whose teenage son was accused of murder based on the bestseller of the same name. The story culminates in an epic turn that you cannot predict. Limited series stars Chris Evans, Jaeden Martell and Michelle Dockery.

Published on April 21 • TV-G

Apple is restarting the classic puppet show Fraggle Rock with a new series of shorts that show how friendship can bind us all. In the midst of coronavirus blocking measures, ‘Fraggle Rock: Rock On’ is recorded in the homes of the production team that was recorded on the iPhone 11.

Released on April 17 • 1 season, 9 episodes • TV-PG

A series that takes you to some of the world’s most innovative homes and the people who made them. The optimistic documentaries explore incredible homes from locations around the world.

Watch trailer • Released April 3 • 1 season, 10 episodes • TV-14

Based on the real story of young investigative reporter Hilde Lysiak, Home Before Dark shows how a young girl uncovered a cold case that even her own family tried to hide.

Published on March 21 • TV-PG

While everyone isolates themselves, Oprah Winfrey is videotaping well-known doctors, scientists, COVID-19 patients, and frontline health workers fighting this pandemic. Each episode can be watched free of charge, no TV + subscription required.

Watch trailer • Released March 6 • 1 season, 5 episodes • TV-PG

The anthology series Amazing Stories is a remake of the classic science fiction show of the 1980s and is produced by Steven Spielberg. Each episode follows a different story in a completely different environment. With a family-friendly age rating, the series should appeal to parents and children alike.

Watch trailer • Released February 14 • 1 season, 5 episodes • TV-14

Visible is described as a five-part documentary series and deals with the representation and development of LGBTQ characters on television. It also looks at the ramifications of coming out in the television industry and how attitudes have developed, albeit slowly.

Watch trailer • Released February 7 • 1 season, 9 episodes • TV-MA

Mythic Quest: Raven & # 39; s Banquet focuses on a video game studio working on their next hit game. This sitcom is played by Rob McElhenney.

Watch trailer • • Read the related book • Released January 17 • 1 season, 8 episodes • TV-14

Little America is a half-hour anthology series that tells amazing stories of immigrants to America and covers the range of human emotions and experiences. Each episode is based on a true story from Epic Magazine of the same name.

Watch trailer • • Read the related book • Released December 6, 2019 • 1 season, 8 episodes • TV-MA

Podcaster Poppy Parnell, played by Octavia Spencer, reopens a murder case when new evidence of the crime she originally investigated and spread to the world comes to light.

Watch trailer • Released November 28, 2019 • 1 season, 10 episodes • TV-MA

A psychological thriller by M. Night Shyamalan, told in 30-minute pieces. The family suffers the death of their baby at the age of 13 and receives a replacement baby doll as a kind of therapy. The grieving mother is so tied to the doll that she hires a mysterious nanny to take care of it.

Watch trailer • Released November 1, 2019 • 1 season, 12 episodes • TV-G

Snoopy and Charlie Brown are starting a whole new adventure … in space. Follow Snoopy on his steps to become a NASA astronaut as the Peanuts gang explores the moon and beyond.

Watch trailer • Released November 1, 2019 • 1 season, 8 episodes • TV-MA

A post-apocalyptic adventure 600 years ahead. The remaining population of the earth is all blind. A war breaks out as sighted twins are born into a tribe and the queen of the country fears that the mythical twins will threaten their rule. Jason Momoa and Alfre Woodard play the leading role.

Published on November 1, 2019 • TV-14

Well-known American talk show host Oprah Winfrey brings her book club to Apple TV. Every two months, Oprah records interviews with the author of her book selection in Apple stores around the world.

Watch trailer • • Read the related book • Released November 1, 2019 • 1 season, 10 episodes • TV-MA

A drama about the power dynamics in the world of morning news programs. The story begins with the anchor Mitch Kessler (Steve Carell), who is exposed to allegations of sexual misconduct. Newcomer Bradley Jackson (Reese Witherspoon) is aiming to replace Kessler in the prime time slot and meets long-time host Alex Levy (Jennifer Aniston).

Watch trailer • Released November 1, 2019 • 1 season, 13 episodes • TV-Y

An educational live action doll series for children with Cody and the helpers from the makers of Sesame Street. The show teaches the basics of problem solving and coding through activities such as party planning, mountaineering and magic tricks.

Watch trailer • • Read the related book • Released November 1, 2019 • 1 season, 13 episodes • TV-G

Ghostwriter is a restart of the classic children’s show of the same name and follows the adventures of four children in an enchanted bookshop. The spirit brings classics of literature to life and the children have to solve the puzzles associated with them.

Watch trailer • Released November 1, 2019 • 1 season, 10 episodes • TV-MA

For All Mankind examines what could have happened if the Russians had first come to the moon in 1969. This inspires the U.S. government to continue the space race. The show forges an alternate NASA timeline with the first season, covering the period from 1969 to 1974.

Watch trailer • Released November 1, 2019 • 1 season, 10 episodes • TV-MA

In a modern take on Emily Dickinson’s life, Hailee Steinfeld plays the misunderstood American poet in her coming-of-age story. Dickinson combines classic themes and carefully elaborated set pieces with anachronistic language and flair, among other things with personifications of death.

Watch trailer • • Read the related book • Released April 24. • TV MA

The Beastie Boys Story takes a personal look at the ups and downs of the band over the past 40 years. The documentary is narrated by band members Mike Diamond and Adam Horvitz in an intimate live theater and directed by award-winning Spike Jonze.

Watch trailer • • Read the related book • Released April 17. • TV-G

An animated short film that follows a boy who learns about natural wonders on Earth Day. The story is based on the bestseller by Oliver Jeffers. The film is told by Meryl Streep.

Watch trailer • Released March 20. • PG-13

Based on a true story, the film follows two business people who face the oppressive racial climate of the 1960s by pretending to be a caretaker and chauffeur while secretly expanding their business empire.

Watch trailer • Published on December 6, 2019 • R.

Hala puts a teenager in the spotlight trying to reconcile the innate freedoms of teenage life with her traditional Muslim upbringing. A secret romance could split the family relationship as a whole.

Watch trailer • Published on November 1, 2019 • TV-PG

A four-year documentary of a herd of elephants traveling through Africa. The film revolves around the matriarch Athena, but is also dedicated to other animal species that are encountered along the way.

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