Sunday , August 9 2020

Apple launches the Apple Books for Authors website as a guide to publications and more for Mac and Windows

Apple today released a nice new extensive resource that allows authors to publish their content on their Apple Books platform. The new website describes how to write, publish, market and view analytics with Apple Books. Since it is web-based, it works with both Mac and Windows.

The new The Apple Books for Authors website is now online. Apple describes it as follows:

Apple Books for Authors guides you through every step of your journey as an author, from structuring your story to packaging your digital book and selling it in our store. Even established authors find valuable resources to increase sales and track performance.

The comprehensive guide guides authors through the use of Pages and iBooks Author apps, as well as other popular options such as Microsoft Word and Scrivener for the writing process. But Apple offers authors much more than preparation, publishing, audiobooks, marketing, and sales and reporting.

Apple also highlights several advantages when publishing with Apple Books compared to Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing This includes, for example, a uniform license fee at all prices, no delivery fees, no restrictions on free book offers and no third-party ads.

Check out Apple Books for Authors on Mac or Windows at New website here for all details.

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