The Lost Girl


Oh it started pouring heavily that day. The entire road
looked as if it has been scrubbed and cleaned with water. Everyone was busy
running back home or finding a place to hide.

Among all this chaos there was a girl she looked a little
lost as she was standing in the rain closing her eyes. The rain was so heavy
that even a rain lover wouldn’t enjoy it. Shockingly that girl stood without
anything just getting wet.

Perplexed a man under the protection of an umbrella came and
asked her “Girl are you Okay? Do you need to go somewhere or do you need any
kind of help? “

She smiled and said No thank you I am fine?

That man out of anxiety asked “Isn’t it not the wrong place
to enjoy the rain? Middle of a road? Hundreds of eyes staring at you?”

She smirked and said “Who said I am enjoying the rain?”

Man confused “Then what are you doing getting wet when you
can stand under the shed”

She with no expression on the face “I am cursing God for
making it rain”

The man stood there thinking she had lost her mind. After a
while he started leaving.

Suddenly she called out to him and said

"For many days I was crying and blaming God for my problems begging him to help me but no miracle happened. Today I thought putting God to test so I stood in the middle of the road without anything getting wet waiting for God to help me. Suddenly when I was going back under the shed realizing that I have to help myself. I saw you coming I waited and when you asked whether I needed some help I said no. Then I saw you leaving and realized that if I would have asked for help you might have helped me."

"We always curse God for the problems in our lives and pray for him to solve our problems. Often we believe some miracle will happen and all our problems will be solved. Meanwhile we stop helping ourselves like I refused to go under a shade. When God does really help us in the same way as you came we refuse to recognize it and often say no. "

The man smiled and said “You taught me a lot little girl.
Now it is too much of lesson get inside the umbrella or you will fall sick”

Life is very confusing. Sometimes it is happy sometimes it
is sad. Sometimes it is peaceful and sometimes it causes agony and pain.
Remember everything is just a part and parcel of life. We have to always look
life at a positive way. We have to help ourselves as God is one and people with
problems are many.

Remember always God gets no pleasure to trouble his child.
He gives hardship to teach us something. Like no one will like sweet if it is
the only thing for us to eat. In the same way we won’t enjoy our life if we
don’t have a little problems to balance it out.

We should never have a negative approach and miss out on the
happiness in life because of the sadness we have. Enjoy the sadness as well as
the happiness. Don’t make it a burden as then life will be very hard to live.

God is always there to guide us the path it is us who have
to walk on it. A negative mind always blocks our mind to think calmly and see
such guidance by God.

Help yourself God is there to back us up.

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